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    For young athletes, play more important than competition

    By Coach Dan Potts Remember lying on the carpet with your infant? How innocent was that? More so than you know! The endless crawling and chasing on all fours allowed us to play at our child’s level of development. Their development depended upon a supply of endless wonder and new stimuli.  As they grew and eventually walked, we chased them even more, playing hide and seek, throwing Nerf balls at endless targets, hiding, ducking dodging, until we were exhausted. Do you remember how fast the development occurred? On a daily basis to be exact, and it was fun. But the fun part was that it changed every day for the…

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    The many levels of strength

    Years ago, when I was starting out in the fitness industry as a trainer, I considered working at a gym that required that all trainers complete a standardized fitness test every six months. There were many reasons I didn’t end up working there (none of which had to do with me being unable to meet those requirements) but I remember thinking that it was ridiculous that every trainer—both men and women in a wide age range—had to meet the same blanket fitness requirements to be considered qualified to train clients. A person who has achieved a certain level of strength and endurance does not magically become a good trainer. Experience,…

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    Get Strong, Stay Strong

    Everyone needs to strength train. It’s the single most important component in physical conditioning. Even cardiovascular exercise is simply not as crucial in developing and maintaining long-term health and well-being. I’m not advocating giving up walking, running or any other form of cardio to lift weights instead. A balance is ideal. But even in this day and age, with endless knowledge available at our fingertips, the amount of people who don’t strength train is staggering! Not only does adding muscle equate to more strength for navigating daily life, muscle also burns more calories than fat, boosting your metabolism on a daily basis for weight loss. Being stronger supports your functionality…

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    Injury Management

    Last week I injured my heel. I have to yet to figure out how, but the pain manifested on my daily walk. Forced to cease walking for almost a week, I had plenty of time to contemplate injury management in general and how difficult it can be to accept an injury and support your body in recovering. As a trainer I am well-versed in how to advise clients on managing an injury. But it can be so frustrating to deal with that it’s difficult to remember that some (or all) aspects of the exercise program will have to shift until the injury is healed. I’m a trainer, but I am…

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    Got Mindset?

    There is only one thing that stands between getting fit and healthy and not getting fit and healthy: making up your mind. After fifteen years as a trainer and coach, I can assure you that I am not exaggerating the importance of your mindset. It’s the crucial foundation of every fitness-related accomplishment. Once you’ve decided—and I mean really decided—to make changes in your life, it will happen. The motivation comes from making that decision.

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    For Health & Fitness in the New Year Consider Lifestyle Changes, Not Resolutions

    Are your New Year resolutions implemented by now? You’re feeling determined, maybe to hit the gym every day, stick to a diet, or give up alcohol, gluten, dairy, sugar or something else for a while. You’re not alone. Funny how the gym that was so empty in December is suddenly so crowded! It’s natural for so many of us who have over-indulged in food and drink during the holiday season to want to start the next year fresh, get healthier, get stronger or lose the holiday pounds (and more!) And we all should! However, well-intentioned resolutions don’t often translate into action and therefore positive results over the long term. Recently…