About Pritam Potts

“I’ve known tremendous happiness and I’ve known overwhelming loss. Losing my beloved husband Dan is the greatest pain I’ve ever known. The years we were together are the most defining of my life. But . . . I experienced the most unconditional love of my life with him. And . . . I have found true love again, with a man who my friends deemed so great for me that they nicknamed him “Epic.”

There is life after loss, and hope after despair. As Dan always said . . “It’s a great life if you don’t weaken.” I have faltered many times but I will never weaken. This is my journey. I hope you’ll join me.”

Coach Pritam Potts, NSCA-CPT, is a coach and trainer, with 16+ years of experience working with athletes and clients of all ages. Her specialty is in functional strength applications–developing core and overall strength specifically for the purpose of enhancing the body’s ability to function optimally in athletic movement. She has been certified by the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) since 2002.

Pritam has been writing all her life, and has written extensively about health and fitness, strength and conditioning, and golf training. She also writes about grief and loss. Not by choice, she has become somewhat of an expert after losing Dan Potts, her beloved husband and business partner, to prostate cancer in 2014.

She started lifting weights at 19 years old, and it soon became a passion. After she took up golf, she parlayed her newfound love of the game along with her fitness expertise into The Strength Connection, a successful golf specific strength and conditioning business in Seattle. Her focus was on helping women improve their golf game through greater strength and fitness levels. Eventually she took on a bigger role with Advanced Athlete, training baseball and soccer athletes and teams. Currently, she is on sabbatical from training clients, instead pursuing her longtime desire to write and blog.

Pritam was born and raised as a Sikh. Prior to embracing Sikhism, her father, Antion Meredith, was a musician in 1960’s England and spent time as a guitarist with Eric Burdon & The Animals. Her mother, Elandra Meredith, was an actress and model in London, appearing in several Hammer Films productions. Together, they ran the Ashram in San Diego for many years, where Pritam was raised, with the exception of the two years at when she attended boarding school in India at age 12.

Pritam majored in Political Science and minored in Russian language at the University of California, at one point living in Moscow for three months. She has traveled all over the world. After attempting an unfulfilling career as a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch and interviewing with Starbucks to enter the Management Training Program, 9/11/2001 happened. After that it seemed like an easy decision to pursue her passion—a career as a personal trainer. She attended the residential Strong, Stretched & Centered Program on Maui, a comprehensive personal trainer/group fitness/mind-body instructional curriculum and returned to Seattle to build a career as an independent trainer.

The biggest turning point of her life was when she walked into Dan Potts’ training facility in North Seattle . . .