An Edmonds Kind of Homecoming

Years ago, the man I fell in love with lived in—and loved—Edmonds. So I moved here, a place I only knew previously as the home of the Kingston ferry. In time, Edmonds and I forged our own connection that I could not have predicted or expected. This sweet city stole my heart.

It became my home.

When we moved to Texas almost two years ago, it almost broke my heart. Me and my stuff left, but my house stayed here, my gym stayed here, and my people stayed here. And a huge piece of my heart stayed here.

Because it was my home.

Some say you can’t go home again. But we’re back! Visiting this week for the first time since we moved away. I’ve had a lot of folks thanking me for bringing this weather—it has been a glorious week!

And being here feels like I am home.

Catching up with a friend walking my familiar route through Woodway.

Grabbing a healthy and delicious lunch at our own PCC.

Drinking coffee at QFC Starbucks where I spent so many mornings during the toughest time of my life.

Celebrating our friends 36th wedding anniversary at the one and only round table at Bar Dojo.

Finding seats at the Anthony’s Beach Café bar on a beautiful Saturday evening and Malcolm our regular bartender greeting us as though he just saw us last week.

Attending the Edmonds Arts Festival party and encountering some friends I didn’t think I’d have time to see on this visit.

Happy hour at Salt & Iron with “The Hair Whisperer” who never fails to cut my hair perfectly in a way that I have yet to successfully convey to my Texas stylist.

Walking down the Edmonds waterfront and visiting our former boat which looks better than ever (hot tip: sell your boat to friends and you just might get to borrow it when you come to town.)

A Scratch Distillery tasting followed by dinner at 190 Sunset with friends

There was even an Edmonds Water Temperature Taker Dude Sighting! He is an Edmonds institution and I enjoyed meeting him on the fuel dock several years ago.

And that’s just in the first week . . .

If this isn’t home, I don’t know what is.

Did I mention friends? We’ve been embraced, supported and feted non-stop. Endless invitations to stay in people’s homes so we would not need to book a hotel. A loaner car so we wouldn’t have to rent a vehicle. Multiple invitations to fabulous home-cooked meals at people’s homes. And the hugs! All-encompassing and lengthy. It’s as though we’ve been away 20 years instead of two!

These are my friends. My people. My community.

These are your fellow residents and neighbors, friends and clients, customers and tenants, and property and business owners, who love and support and invest in this city. Your community.

Y’all are truly fortunate to live here. (Yes, I said “y’all.”)

I may live elsewhere, but this is my home.

It’s an Edmonds kind of homecoming. How could it be anything but?

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