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    Outdoor Walking vs. Treadmill Walking

    I stepped outside to walk at 7am this morning and realized that it’s not just darker now, there is also an undeniable chill of fall in the Edmonds air. For someone like me, an avid outdoor walker, it’s time to prepare for inclement dark weather and the possibility that I will need to hit the treadmill on some days this winter. I don’t mind reverting to a treadmill in bad weather as long as I have music and reading material. But most days I look forward to getting outside for my walk, especially when it’s a sunny day, no matter what the temperature. However, there are many people I know…

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    Simple Ways To Move More

    Obviously I am a huge proponent of setting aside time to work out. Whether its cardio or strength work, an hour a day combined would be ideal! However in this day and age, it’s not feasible for so many of us. Even if you can only squeeze in a workout a couple of days a week, there are plenty of other ways to stay active by doing a little bit at a time. Just as small changes add up nutritionally, doing brief snippets of exercise more consistently will keep you stronger and fitter, more balanced and flexible. I can’t stress consistency enough! You will get so much more out of…